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Apply today to become a MASH Member by completing the MASH Certification Application and receive additional benefits.

Certified Sober Home Benefits

  • Receive referrals from state agencies
  • Sober Home Technical Assistance and resources
  • Automatically NARR Affiliate Member
  • Access to annual training (Training is for new sober home operators and any new sober home house manager)

Additional Benefits for Members

  • MASH sober home to MASH sober home referrals
  • Peer to peer information sharing
  • Access to Member Only social activities
  • Opportunity to volunteer and create change within MASH and throughout the landscape of sober housing
  • Access to attend regular Member Conference calls

Cost for MASH Membership Sober Home:

Bed Count Fee
The fee is on a sliding scale based on the number of beds and an inspection fee of $50 will also be assessed.
1-10 beds $275.00
11-18 beds $375.00
19-25 beds $475.00
26-32 beds $575.00
33-39 beds $675.00
40-48 beds $775.00
49-59 beds $875.00
60+ beds $1000.00


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