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Certification Application Steps

Step 1:  Open and review the MASH Certification Application and other online documents describing our requirements and the certification process (standards, ‘preparing for your inspection’, etc.) Application Checklist

Step 2:  Complete the Certification Pre-Inspection Checklist

Step 3:  Complete and submit the online MASH Certification Application

Step 4:  Gather and send the required documents to MASH, 102 Clematis Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453 

  • Resident documents
    • Schedule 2 Sober Homes
    • Resident agreements
    • House rules (including brochures, handouts, and other supportive information)
  • Letters of Recommendation (Must be delivered directly to MASH by mail, fax, or email)
  • Proof of insurance (Insurance cover page only)
  • Copy of training certificate
  • Completed self-assessment form
  • Policies and procedures manual/operating standards, or equivalent information provided to Resident Staff
  • Code of Ethics (if not included in the above documentation)
  • Home photos
  • Website address (if available)
    • Registration fee: $150
    • Inspection fee: $50 per homePay Registration and Inspections fees

Step 5: Attend Sober Housing 101 training

Send Registration/and Inspection fees to: MASH, 102 Clematis Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453

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