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Certification Application Steps

Step 1:  Open and review the MASH Certification Application and other online documents describing our requirements and the certification process (Application will not be processed unless all required documents are submittedApplication Checklist

Step 2:  Complete the Certification Pre-Inspection Checklist

Step 3:  Complete and submit the online MASH Certification Application

Step 4:  Examples of Required Documents – Refer to the Application Checklist for complete list of required documents.

  • Resident documents
    • Schedule 2 Sober Homes
    • Resident agreements
    • House rules (including brochures, handouts, and other supportive information)
  • Letters of Recommendation (Must be delivered directly to MASH by mail, fax, or email)
  • Proof of insurance (Insurance cover page only)
  • Copy of training certificate
  • Completed self-assessment form
  • Policies and procedures manual/operating standards, or equivalent information provided to Resident Staff
  • Code of Ethics (if not included in the above documentation)
  • Home photos
  • Website address (if available)
  • Fees:
    • Initial Non-Membership Certification fee: $500.00 per sober home
    • Annual Non-Membership Recertification fee: $500.00 per sober home (Effective 6/1/18)
    • Initial MASH Membership Certification fee: See Membership Fee Table Below
    • Annual Membership Recertification fee: See Membership Fee Table Below
    • Certification Reinstatement Fee: $250 (Effective 11/1/17)
    • For MASH Membership Sober Homes only:
      Bed Count Fee*
      *(New Applications and Annual Recertification Fee, includes inspection fee)
      1-10 beds $275.00
      11-18 beds $375.00
      19-25 beds $475.00
      26-32 beds $575.00
      33-39 beds $675.00
      40-48 beds $775.00
      49-59 beds $875.00
      60+ beds $1000.00

Step 5: Attend Sober Housing 101 training

Step 6: Please send payment/required documents to: MASH 5 Edgell Rd, Suite 30, Framingham, MA 01701. You may also fax documents to: 774-472-2623 or via email at kowens@mashsoberhousing.org.

If there are any changes to the sober home policies or sober home management, please notify MASH immediately so the file can be updated.

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