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Certification Application Steps

Step 1:  Open and review the application checklist. Applications will not be processed unless all required documents are submitted.

Step 2: Review how to prepare for a home inspection.

Step 3:  Complete and submit the online MASH Certification Application.

Step 4:  Refer to the required information to submit accurate forms. Please review the notice regarding fees for residents of sober homes.

Step 5:  Sober home inspection. Inspections will not be scheduled unless all required documents are submitted to MASH.

Step 6: Please send the required documents:
• Email: [email protected]
• Fax: 781-819-5151
• Regular mail: MASH, 5 Edgell Road, Suite 30, Framingham, MA 01701

Step 7: Please send payments based on the fees below to MASH – 5 Edgell Road, Suite 30, Framingham, MA 01701


  • Annual MASH sober house certification fee: See Fee Table Below
  • Certification Reinstatement Fee (should your MASH sober home be decertified, you will be charged a $250 reinstatement fee). (Effective 11/1/17)
Bed Count Fee
The fee is based on the number of beds, and an additional inspection fee of $50 will also be assessed.
1-12 beds $275.00
13-20 beds $375.00
21-30 beds $475.00
31-40 beds $575.00
41-50 beds $675.00
51-60 beds $775.00
61-70 beds $875.00
71+ beds $1000.00

If there are any changes to the sober home policies or sober home management, please notify MASH to update our files.

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